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Current Projects


EAT-Lancet 2.0 Commission

Identifying just transformations that can be a triple-win in terms of access to healthy and sustainable diets, opportunities to benefit from resources and assets and reduced environmental burdens.


A Vision for Adapted Crops and Soils

Exploring the most nutritious traditional and Indigenous crops in each of the African Union's five subregions, to assess the expected challenges posed to those crops by climate change.


Lancet Haematology Commission

How to create enabling environments at the global, national and local level to sustain political momentum towards anemia-related Sustainable Development Goal and World Health Assembly targets.


Food Systems Countdown Initiative

Developing a systematic, transparent, and replicable method for assessing performance of food systems indicators is necessary to generate actions and decisions on where and how to intervene in food systems to improve planetary health

Evidence Synthesis

Evidence Syntheses

Leading systematic reviews commissioned by Cochrane Collaboration, The Lancet and UN agencies on a variety of topics in planetary health, global health and public health.

Food systems

  • Improving universal access to planetary health diets, within planetary boundaries, while advancing justice

  • Effectiveness of food environments interventions to improve nutritional status of school-aged children and adolescents in low- and middle- income countries

  • School food and nutrition policies, programs and interventions in Canada

Health systems

  • Integrating nutrition in health systems interventions in conflict-affected settings in low- and middle- income countries

  • Pivoting school health and nutrition programs during crises

  • Care for small-for-gestational age neonates

  • Zinc supplementation in pregnancy

  • Efficacy of double-fortified salt

  • Developmental origins of health and disease on nutrition in adolescence

  • Effectiveness of universal health, screen time and physical activity interventions in children and adolescents globally

  • Prevalence of mental health disorders in children and adolescents globally

Empirical and Analytical

Developing and validating methods, and metrics for monitoring and evaluating food systems, diets and nutrition.

  • Exploring the retail food environment in Matiari, Pakistan

  • Identifying data gaps in nutrition-specific and nutrition-sensitive policies, programs and interventions in South Asia

  • Developing a systematic, transparent, and replicable method for assessing performance of food systems indicators with the Food Systems Countdown Initiative

  • Examining various relationships and geographic trends between climate and dietary diversity of women in eight low- and middle- income countries 

Implementation and Capacity Building

Contributing to international health policy and practice to integrate nutrition to promote universal health in low- and middle- income countries, particularly during crises.

  • Online course development

  • Developing health facility and community health worker training programs (Kenya, Uganda, and Tanzania) in collaboration with East, Central, Southern African Health Community blended nutrition workshops in Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Indonesia and Panama alongside International Pediatric Association

  • Hosting blended nutrition workshops in Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Indonesia and Panama alongside International Pediatric Association

  • Conducting implementation research in Ethiopia and Cambodia in partnership with local meteorological services, communities and public health nutrition practitioners that aims to tailor climate information services to local needs to ensure that nutrition and health programs are better equipped to strengthen the resilience of climate-vulnerable communities


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